Todd M. Kline, M.D.

Todd M. Kline, M.D. practices in Denver, CO

Dr. Kline’s Endorsements


Dr. Kline was named one of the 3 Best Rated Psychiatrists in Denver, Colorado!  (link)



Dr. Kline’s clinical specialties and practice:

Located in the Cherry Creek area in Denver, Colorado, I specialize in evaluation, management and psychoanalytic consultation for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and other anxiety disorders, as well as mild bipolar disorders.

I value helping others overcome symptoms of anxiety and depression with effective, individualized treatment methods.  These include psychoanalytic consultation and, if necessary and desired, medications.  Proper care, finesse and skill in medication-prescribing can make all the difference for those having trouble adjusting to any new medication.

I also have a particular therapeutic specialization in psychoanalysis and a “psychodynamic lens” through which I view symptoms, developed and honed during several years of my study at the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis.

Psychodynamic work is powerful, insight-oriented treatment, focusing on present symptoms in the context of someone’s relationships — past and present.  A particular focus on distinguishing the present situation from the past, allows a person to move forward with greater insights and choices — establishing a different and improved future with fewer symptoms and richer associations with oneself, others and the world.

Please contact me and I’ll be happy to call you back to discuss options.  (720) 360-6375

Todd M. Kline, M.D.